"Dying" to Finish This Book

     I was reading A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines In my last blog post. That was my AP title for this nine weeks. I am still reading it and it is still pretty interesting. But, I need to start my choice reading now and come back to that book later. I just started Dying To Know You by Aidan Chambers. This book is yet another young adult fiction title to add my my quickly expanding list of that genre. Dying To Know You is a novel about a guy named Karl in love with a girl named Fiorella. Fiorella tells Karl to write her a letter, but Karl is dyslexic so writing is hard for him, so he sets out to find some help. He goes to her favorite novelist and together they start writing. So far I am only on page 18, but I have liked the style and topic of the book so far.
      Karl sets out for help because of his dyslexia, he feels that he can't write this letter on his own. He tells the novelist, "I have trouble writing. Not reading so much. But writing. Things get jumbled. Not just letters and words. The sentences and the thoughts as well. Something happens between what's in my head and what comes out when I try to write it down. It's torture" (4-5).
      Dyslexia is different for everyone, but I think Karl is embarrassed by his. Fiorella is a very well educated girl, and Karl thinks that his disease will change the way she thinks of him. He has chosen to keep the dyslexia a secret from her and get help to make it seem like he is a great writer. Many people today have dyslexia and may not even know it themselves, much less tell somebody. Some may think they are just stupid, but they are not. I think that people shouldn't be ashamed of something that they cannot control. I haven't gotten too far in the book, so I don't know if Karl ever tells her about his dyslexia. If he were to keep it hidden, what would that do to their relationship? Can a relationship be healthy if something like this is kept hidden?